#FirstyFriday 6th Feb update

One week and a few days to go until #FirstyFriday is back.  We have had the tv aerial installed so in unit 4 we will be showing the Wales versus England 6 Nations match while in unit 5, the main bar, we will have Rain singing their socks off.  The main bar will have 5 hand pumps on plus the keg tap and in unit 4 we will have 4 hand pumps on the Offbeat bars and 2 Otherton Ales on their bar.  Not a bad beer line up – light, dark, some in the middle and some speciality beers too.

The place has been painted and decorated, we think it looks a brighter and better for it (although the toilets are a bit psychedelic!) – we may only be open one day a month but it’s possibly the most colourful store room going.  Will get some photos up next week.

Food this month will be beer bangers and maybe some of the new beer box bites nibbles we’ve been musing over.  Pizzas should hopefully be on offer from April #FirstyFriday once we’ve got the oven all sorted out.

Looking forward to seeing loads of you!


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