Oddity 1 – Honey Cream Ale

So today sees the brewing of Oddity 1, a Honey Cream Ale.  We thought we would break you in gently as Oddity 2 is going off on a sour path!

Cream Ales are an American style, not seen over here so much but great in warm weather and I’m optimistic that’s got to get here soon so we’re going to be ready for it!  Cream ales are related to lagers, pale in style, clean and crisp with a dry mouthfeel.  It’s going to ferment on an ale yeast and be cold conditioned on a lager yeast.

We’re using a local honey from Haughton Honey to add some sweetness although this will beer will have low bitterness.  It will be bottled and casked.


1 Comment on Oddity 1 – Honey Cream Ale

  1. Tried at Hops last night. Nice! A good start to the Oddities.

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