Oddity 9, my second sour

An opportunity approaches this week where we are not brewing Friday due to trade day at Indy Man Beer Con so on Thursday I’m planning my second kettle soured beer which I can then leave to do it’s thing over the weekend.  It’s going to start with the same base recipe as Oddity 2, Berliner Weisse and then have Kaffir Lime leaves used in the boil rather than hops.

“The Kaffir Lime has a dark green, warty skin which inspires an alternative name, leprous lime. There is virtually no juice inside, but the lime is valued for its zest and also for the marvellous perfume of its double leaf, no other lime, lemon or citrus can match it.” http://www.realfoods.co.uk/product/1050/lime-leaves

We will as usual bottle some and the rest will be on keg.  Really looking forward to this one, an exciting new brew to play with!

I really need to update this blog more, will try harder.


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