I think “organised chaos”

would be too generous a description at the moment.  While keeping brewing operations going on in Unit 6 the builders have been busy in units 4 and 5 getting the plinth ready for the new brewery kit to stand. With the amount of stuff that’s stored in there it’s crazy at the moment but hopefully works are finished at the end of Tuesday, I can get the place straightened out and the bar moved in to its new home.  Then it’s #FirstyFriday the following week to add in to the mix.

Despite my disheveled appearance and lack of sleep it does feel like it’s coming together bit by bit.  I’m looking forward to brewing on the new kit, a bit more manageable on my own and scope to try some new things where it’ll be destruction of 7 casks instead of 20 if it tastes awful! 

There’s also a planning application to open the bar a bit more, if it gets passed there will be more news on that soon. Won’t be a seven days a week operation, more a couple of evenings for some beer and snacks, maybe music some nights too.

That’s about it for now, Michelle 



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