The Last Airship 

For the last two years we’ve got involved with the #Crewe Steampunk Convivial.  It’s definitely added an interesting and fun event to the town calendar and getting dressed up and pulling pints to refresh the thirsty visitors and performers adds some variety.

Greg Chapman is a pretty cool kind of guy, if you’ve been to the Convivial you’ll have seen him juggling, unicycling and story telling, probably all at once! I believe he’s back in Crewe this weekend for the TrAction event.  Anyway, at the Steampunk Convivial I heard he was crowdfunding for a web series called The Last Airship (read about the campaign here) and thought it would be fun to get involved with.  Having backed this I’m hoping to catch a couple of minutes with Greg this weekend about getting Offbeat involved as it’s right up there with my weirdness levels!    

As an offside, my customers are currently having an Aerosmith sing along in the sunshine in the yard. I think this offbeat thing is contagious…


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