#ISBF4 brews

Today’s a collaboration brewday for the Independent Salford Beer Festival #ISBF4 and I’ve spent the day brewing up a double IPA with Stuart from North Riding Brewery. I love getting involved with this beer festival, Jim is a great friend and passionate about beers and brewing. Im honoured to be on his invitees list although I feel I my days may be numbered having failed to make it there as a drinker!

Stuart and I got matched up on Jim’s Five Aside North South pick (yeah, Crewe is apparently a southern brewery!) so after a couple of emails we’ve brewed up an originally and inspiringly named DIPA here in Scarborough. Aiming for a punchy 8.3% hop hit on keg.

Tomorrow I’m brewing the Offbeat cask offering for #ISBF4. The request is for something new that hasn’t been poured in Manchester before and after some debate I’m brewing up a session black IPA around 4.5% (my own fault because I said I’d had too many hoppy stouts that didn’t work as black IPAs so been challenged to make a good one.). As yet unnamed but something will be sorted in the next week when inspiration strikes.

Lovely day with Stuart and his family so thanks to them for hosting me.

There are still some tickets left for #ISBF4 – see below and order through www.salfordbeerfest.com.


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