Crazy week lies ahead…

As it stands on Monday we’re boiling up and transferring to the fermenter our new kettle sour, Peculiar Pomegranate and bottling up some Out Of Step IPA.

Then Tuesday we’re brewing up a kind of unplanned big hoppy IPA maybe double IPA with Gage from BeerMenus – we’ll see how it goes on the day! Bit of a new one to be brewing with tech support guy from the app but he’s a keen homebrewer so I’m sure we will throw something interesting together.

Wednesday the beer wagon is out on the road, we’ve a few deliveries to get out. Publicans check your email tomorrow for our availability list, we’ve casks and bottles available.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday we’ve got the brewery bar open 5 – 10pm so feel free to pop in for beer, gin, wine, cider etc. If you’ve not already met Bex, she’s our new member of staff and has settled in super quickly!

Saturday day time we are brewing with James and Jenny a new beer, Grateful Grapefruit Wheat for the people that backed our fund raising campaign for the floods. We are on track to get all rewards sorted for mid November.

Sunday will be a well earned day of rest!

Michelle x


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