Brewery Bar

*** Now open Saturdays 2pm – 10pm through July and August with our #SummerOfBeer events and live music every Friday night ***

Join us at the brewery on Thursday and Friday evenings from 5pm to 10pm.  We’re now open regularly alongside our big monthly open night, #FirstyFriday.  We’ve an amazing range of beers available with Offbeat beers featured alongside guests from around the UK and some times further afield.  There’s cider, a wine list put together with Rodney Densem’s and the ever expanding artisan gin selection.  We pride ourselves on serving these gins beautifully with fresh fruit, herb and spice garnishes with Fever Tree mixers.  There’s also a gin of the month, maybe chosen to suit a particular time of the year
You can download the Beer Menu app to keep up to date with what’s on and what’s new or check back here, it usually gets updated Wednesday or Thursday afternoon for the open times ahead.

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